Agreements signed for water and sewerage projects in 23 islands

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih attends the signing of agreements for water and sewerage projects in 23 islands on December 29, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

Planning Ministry has awarded water and sewerage projects for the last of the residential islands in Maldives where the projects had yet to be initiated. 

The agreements for sewerage projects in 16 islands and water projects in 23 islands were signed in a ceremony at the STELCO auditorium on Wednesday morning. 

The projects were awarded to: 

Fenaka Corporation: Water projects in 16 islands, sewerage projects in five5 islands 

STELCO: Water project in one island 

Marketech Maldives: Water projects in three islands, sewerage projects in two islands 

Duplex Pvt. Ltd: Water and sewerage projects in two islands 

Sas e Construction: Water and sewerage project in one island 

The ceremony was attended by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who noted that building water and sewerage networks in all residential islands had been one of his electoral pledges. 

He said he began work on delivering his pledge from day one. 

“The government remained busy in awarding projects, completing them, and launching services. However, until today, there remained a few islands where projects weren't awarded. That is sewerage projects in 16 islands and water projects in 23 islands,” he said. 

President Solih said that with the agreements signed on Wednesday puts Maldives on a new track on its development path. 

“Whether small in size or big, whether sparsely populated or not, there’s, In Sha Allah, no discrimination the government employed in this. Therefore, from today onwards, there is no longer any inhabited island in Maldives where water and sewerage projects haven’t been awarded,” he said.