Gender Ministry: Most cases reported last month pertains to child sexual abuse

Protesters hold an anti-rape rally in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

Statistics publicized by Gender Ministry show that the most number of cases reported to the Ministry within the past month pertains to child sexual abuse.

As per the statistics publicized yesterday, a total of 184 was reported and attended by the Ministry.

While 84 of these cases involved different themes of violence against children – 29 of them pertained to child sexual abuse.

The remaining 55 cases include; 21 cases of negligence, 17 cases of physical abuse, 6 cases of emotional abuse, 5 cases of bullying and harassment, 4 cases of being witness to domestic violence and 2 cases of exploitation.

Five cases of child rights violations were also reported and attended to including one case of refusal to access to healthcare, two cases of refusal for access to education and two cases of refusal to send children to school.

Five children had gotten into conflict with the law in the past month. Seventeen cases of behavioral problems were reported from refusing to attend school, running away to temper tantrums.

The statistics also highlight that a total of 208 children were under state care at the end of last month.

Meanwhile, 26 cases of family issues were reported and attended by the Ministry last month; 7 cases of parenting issues and 19 cases to custody and access to the child.

Twenty-three cases of gender-based violence and domestic violence were reported as well, being 13 cases of physical abuse, 8 cases of emotional abuse or verbal abuse 1 case of sexual abuse, and 1 case of stalking.

Thirteen cases of self-harming and suicidal behavior were also reported.