Gender Ministry shifted to Hulhumale’

Newly development government office building in Hulhumale'. (Sun Photo)

Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services has been shifted to the newly developed government office building in Hulhumale’,

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih decided on developing a government office building in Hulhumale’ as many government offices rent privately-owned buildings for unknown lengths of time to carry out their operations at a large expense.

While many government offices are planned to be shifted to the building in Hulhumale’ – the first government office that has been shifted is Gender Ministry. Housing Ministry has previously stated that Higher Education Ministry, Transport Ministry and Embassy of the United States in the Maldives will be shifted to the building in the near future.

State Minister for Planning Akram Kamaluddin previously told Sun that government offices presently renting buildings have been prioritized in the shifting process.

Gender Ministry was based at G. Billoorijehige and Seatrack Building to date.

The new government office building in Hulhumale’ has been named after late Umar Zahir, a state dignitary and honoree of the Order of the Distinguished Rule of Izzuddin. The ground floor and the first floor of the six-story office building has been dedicated for parking. Offices will be situated from second floor to fifth floor. The sixth floor comprises of a meeting room, a similar room and a terrace.

This project was carried out by China’s Hunan Engineering Corporation Limited.