Minor charged with Udhayyu’s murder moved to house arrest

Ahmed Udhayyu (17).

Juvenile Court, on Tuesday, has moved the minor who has been charged with the murder of Ahmed Udhayyu during a violent altercation at GA. Maamendhoo to house arrest.

in a recent report released by the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) – they stated that the juvenile detention facility in Asseyri Prison in K. Hinmafushi is unfit for the detention of juveniles –  as it does not provide juveniles with the rights and protections guaranteed to them under the Maldivian Constitution and international laws and conventions. 

Noting that the country did not have proper juvenile detention facility established at the moment – HRCM said in the report that they had instructed Maldives Correctional Service on October 14 to transfer the juveniles in Asseyri Prison to a safer location within 30 days, and to immediately cease detention of juveniles at the prison. 

Moreover, an official from Prosecutor General’s Office told Sun that Maldives Correctional Service had informed the court that they would be unable to complete the construction work of the new juvenile detention facility at the prison within the timeframe set down by HRCM.

With reference to this report, as well as the remarks by Maldives Correctional Service – the Juvenile Court had issued an order today to move the minor implicated in the crime to be moved to house arrest today.

Ahmed Udhayyu, 17, Lily of the Valley, GA. Maamendhoo was murdered in a violent alternation in Maamendhoo on February 8, 2021. Charges have been pressed against four individuals in connection to the murder including the minor. The minor’s identity remains undisclosed under the protections guaranteed to minors under the law.

The minor is charged with the direct murder of Udhayyu and the use of sharp objects and violence causing grievous bodily harm.

The three other individuals implicated in the crime have been charged with taking part in a premeditated murder using sharp objects and violence causing grievous bodily harm with the use of sharp objects or weapons.