Shumon fails to present defense evidence after pleading not guilty for Isse’s murder

Shumon Miah: He has been charged with the murder of Ismail Umar (Isse) at the ice plant in H. A. Ihavandhoo on June 16, 2017.

Bangladeshi citizen Shumon Miah who is on trial for the murder of his co-worker at HA. Ihavandhoo ice plant Ismail Umar (Isse), has stated that he does not have any evidence to submit in his defense after pleading not guilty for the murder – despite having pleaded guilty initially.

Shumon is charged with intentional murder using a sharp object in relation to Isse’s death. From the investigative stages and even at the trial – Shumon had pleaded guilty for Isse’s murder; having even provided detailed accounts of how he carried it out. However, Shumon had retracted his admission of guilt and pleaded not guilty on the day the closing statements were supposed to be delivered.

The hearings of this case are held at the Criminal Court with the assistance of a translator – as Shumon is not fluent in Dhivehi language. Speaking at that hearing – Shumon said that he refutes the charge against him. When the judge questioned why he is changing his statement – Shumon said that he pleaded guilty at the investigative stage after being coerced by the police. He also added that the police had threatened to station him at the same jail cell as the other two individuals who were arrested in connection to the case. The two individuals in question in this regard – have been released from custody as the charge of concealing a murder raised against them was not proven at court.

In the first hearing held since then today – three officers who were involved in the investigation of the case were summoned to court. They were asked whether they had coerced, threatened, or harmed Shumon in any way during the investigation – to which they had replied no.

After taking the statement from the three officers – the judge had asked whether the defense would like to present any evidence. However, Shumon’s lawyer said there was no evidence to present.

Subsequently – the judge said the next hearing will be held within 15 days; where both parties must deliver their closing statements.

The case is presided by Judge Ali Adam.

Isse was found murdered inside the ice plant where he and Shumon Mia worked at on June 16, 2017.