Suspect in assault on DhiFM's ex-CEO jailed pending outcome of trial

Former DhiFM CEO Masood Hilmy.

The High Court, which heard the appeal over the release of the suspect arrested for threatening and assaulting DhiFM’s former CEO Masood Hilmy, has ordered for the suspect to be jailed pending the outcome of his trial. 

The incident in question took place in L. Fonadhoo at approximately 09:13 pm on August 3. A video of the incident which went viral on social media shows a man on a motorcycle speeding away after attacking Masood – who himself was on a motorcycle - with a metal rod.

Ahmed Shameem, 36, Dhilkulaasge, L. Fonadhoo, was arrested in connection to the case at approximately 02:18 am on August 4. 

Fonadhoo Magistrate Court granted extensions to Shameem’s remand twice, but released him when presented before the court for his third remand hearing. 

The State appealed the decision with the High Court, which ordered Fonadhoo Magistrate Court to review its decision. 

However, the Fonadhoo Magistrate Court found there to be no grounds to keep him detained, even after the review. 

The High Court, after the State appealed the decision for a second time, ordered on Monday for Shameem to be kept detained in a remand jail pending the outcome of his trial. 

Masood had been the target of an arson attack on his car – which, too, has been blamed on Shameem.