No indication of involvement of additional assailants in Dhangethi murder

Police search a private residence in ADh. Dhangethi in the investigation into the murder of a local businessman on October 16, 2021.

Police state the findings of their investigation into the murder of a businessman in Dhangethi earlier this October do not indicate additional suspects had been involved in the crime. 

Local businessman Mahmood Aboobakr, 57, was found murdered and thrown into a water well in an abandoned house in Dhangethi on the afternoon of October 14, hours after he was reported missing.   

His head and feet were stuffed into sacks when found. 

Police arrested Sha Alom Mia, 29, a Bangladeshi national, in connection to the murder under court order on October 16. He was remanded in custody of the police for 15 days by the Dhangethi Magistrate Court. 

Sha Alom Mia had worked as a live-in caregiver for an elderly man in a house close to where Mahmood’s body was found.  

Police said they found multiple items linked to the case buried in the backyard of the house he lived in, including Mahmood’s phone and national ID card. 

“The investigative findings so far do not indicate any person or persons in addition to Sha Alom Mia had been involved in Mahlood Aboobakr’s murder,” said the police in a statement on Sunday. 

The case is under investigation by a homicide investigation team from the Serious and Organized Crime Department, ADh. Atoll police, and a forensic team.