Nasheed: No doubt in new EC chairman Fuad’s honesty, integrity

Former President Mohamed Nasheed (L) presents his application for candidacy for the 2013 presidential elections to Fuad Thaufeeq (R). (File Photo/Sun)

 Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed has congratulated Fuad Thaufeeq on his election as Elections Commission’s Chairman on Thursday, stating he has no doubt in his honesty and integrity. 

Fuad was elected the Chairman of Elections Commission with the unanimous consensus of all Elections Commission members last Wednesday evening. 

Nasheed, who is in UK recovering from injuries he sustained in an assassination attempt in May, congratulated Fuad in a tweet on Thursday afternoon. 

I have no doubt in your honesty and integrity,” he said. 

Nasheed said that free and fair elections are paramount for democracy, prosperity and justice in Maldives.