Parliament passes 241 Committee’s report to not accept Fairoosh’s honorable retirement

Parliamentarians pictured during a sitting. (Photo/People's Majlis)

The Parliament has passed its Security Services Committee’s (241 Committee) report that had concluded to not accept former Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr. Abdulla Fairoosh being allowed an honorable retirement.

In a voting held at today’s Parliamentary session – the report was passed unanimously by the 36 members who took part in the vote.

The issue of Fairoosh’s retirement was submitted to the committee by Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed.

In the report drafted following the conclusion of their review of the matter – the committee stated that according to Home Minister Abdulla Imran, no one questioned Fairoosh’s retirement or submitted a complaint regarding the decision with Maldives Police Service.

The committee said it does not believe the decision to allow Fairoosh an honorable retirement without raising an administrative issue or without even the possibility of raising such an issue against him under Article 112 of Police Service Act, in light of the evidence of his conduct in official parliamentary recordings, as well as publicly released audios and videos, was properly looked into.

Fairoosh had taken over as Acting Police Commissioner, following the fall of Nasheed’s administration on February 7, 2012. He is accused of playing a key role in the civil unrest preceding Nasheed’s resignation - which Nasheed maintains had been forced.