COVID-19 cases in Kolhufushi surge to 57 in mere days

An aerial shot of M. Kolhufushi. (File Photo/Kolhufushi Council)

COVID-19 cases in Kolhufushi, a residential island in M. Atoll, have surged to 57 in the four days since the island was placed under monitoring. 

Kolhufushi Council president Abdul Aleem told Sun the island confirmed 57 new cases by last Sunday. 

“57 people tested positive by yesterday. We are taking random samples,” he said. 

Aleem said health authorities have taken 110 random samples so far, the results on which are pending. 

He said that all of the people who tested positive so far are showing only mild symptoms. 

Following the surge in cases in the island, the Kolhufushi Council has imposed additional restrictions in the island, including closing cafés, restaurants and teashops for dine-in and takeaway services, banning public gatherings and restricting residents from going out of homes except for essential purposes. 

Kolhufushi was placed under monitoring on July 29, after 12 people tested positive.