One-year-old dies in drowning at Kolhufushi

M. Kolhufushi. (Photo/Council)

A one-year-old boy has died after drowning at Kolhufushi in Meemu Atoll.

Sun has learned that the boy was taken to Kolhufushi Health Centre at 11:10am on Sunday morning, where he was declared dead upon arrival.

Kolhufushi Council member Shabana Abdul Sattar said the boy was discovered at sea by his grandfather during a search after he went missing, alongside another child. 

“Two children went missing. Out of the two, the boy was discovered dead at sea. The girl was found near the sea. She was wet. They are cousins,” she detailed.

Shabana said the deceased boy’s house is not situated in the vicinity of the sea.

He is the only child of a local couple from Kolhufushi.