Councilor attacked in Maafushi

K. Maafushi. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A Councilor of K. Maafushi Council was injured in an attack last night at the island.

Speaking regarding the matter, President of Maafushi Council Hassan Solah confirmed to Sun that the Council has been made aware of the attack whereas one individual has been arrested in relation to the case as well. 

“We have been informed of the attack which took place last night. I did contact the Councilor that was targeted – and can confirm that no serious injuries were sustained, thankfully. Some media outlets have reported that a sharp object was used in the attack – this is false information,” Solah had said.

Additionally, Solah detailed that the person who attacked the Councilor was a Maldivian man who recently arrived on the island and that no reason has been identified yet as to why the attack had taken place.

Highlighting that some media outlets were reporting false facts regarding the attack – Solih also advised them to get their facts straight.

“We highly urge media outlets to be responsible when making reports in such cases – this is not such a serious matter as they have reported,” he had said.

When the Police were asked for a comment regarding the case, their media official had stated that they have not yet been notified of the attack and that no one has been arrested either.