Provisional list of land recipients from Maafushi released, open for complaints

The newly reclaimed land of K. Maafushi. (Photo/Maafushi Council)

The provisional list of land recipients from the newly reclaimed area in K. Maafushi was released on Monday, and is subsequently open for submission of complaints.

312 land plots measuring in 2,000 square feet will be awarded from Maafushi’s reclaimed area; 308 of which are awarded to members of the general public for free and four plots which are for business purposes. A total of 726 applications were submitted for these land plots.  

The provisional list released on Monday pertains the 308 land plots which will be awarded for free. Although individuals who are not Maafushi residents were eligible to apply for the land, the recipients of the land were all Maafushi residents.

Speaking to Sun on the matter, Maafushi Council President Hassan Salah said Maafushi residents scored the highest, point-wise.

Complaints can be submitted to the provisional list till next Thursday. The complaints can be submitted via e-mail, or in person at Maafushi Council office’s reception during working hours.

The newly reclaimed area, was reclaimed as a separate island from Maafushi, to be linked via a bridge. The reclaimed area measuring 25 hectares has been handed over to Maafushi Council after completion.

Maafushi is among Maldivian islands with the most thriving local tourism sector.