Nasheed hints he wants a MDP-PPM coalition

Former Maldivian presidents Mohamed Nasheed (R) and Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom (C). (File Photo/President's Office)

Leader of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Nasheed, has stated that he wishes to "save" the Maldives and has hinted that he believes an MDP-PPM coalition to be necessary in order to achieve this.

For the presidential elections held in 2018, MDP had foamed a coalition with Jumhoory Party, Adhaalathu Party, and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.

Via a tweet today, Nasheed stated that MDP is in need of a new coalition – and that they require partners who will do not support the ‘India Out’ movement; support the hate crime bill; do not forbid music, and do not utter blasphemy against the Islamic religion and the Prophet.

“I believe, most PPM members are of a similar mindset,” said Nasheed.

Meanwhile, Nasheed has also stated yesterday that he can no longer stand in political alignment with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih through text messages sent to Whatsapp group of MDP. The President has yet to respond to Nasheed’s declaration.

In these text messages, Nasheed also stated that he suspects existence of extremist elements within MDP.

“I can't do anything if this makes some MDP members unhappy  – but if former President Yameen and PPM support moderate religious views, I will ask for their help," he said.

PPM and other opposition leaders have responded to Nasheed’s statements stating that they have no intention to work together with Nasheed or MDP.