PG: Minister Mahloof's case was not rejected, requested additional documents

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Ahmed Mahloof. (File Photo/Sun)

The Prosecutor General's Office has clarified that the Anti-Corruption Commission case against Youth and Sports Minister Ahmed Mahloof was not rejected by the office. 

PG office Public Prosecutor and Spokesperson Ahmed Shafeeu said to Sun today that the case was still being reviewed by the PG Office, and that it had not been rejected. 

"We requested for additional clarifications during the process of duty prosecution. Some documents. The case was not rejected," said Shafeeu. 

The ACC issued a statement after forwarding the case for charges to be brought against Mahloof.

The ACC had stated its investigation had shown that Mahloof, who was then serving as a parliamentarian in 2014, received USD 33,000 to vote for the Special Economic Zone bill (SEZ) and to remain at the leadership of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

The investigation showed that Mahloof traveled to the Maldives from Malaysia on August 24, 2014, to vote specifically for the economic zone bill and that his vote was in support of the government-backed bill.

The investigation showed that Mahloof had received USD 33,000 through a SOF company cheque. Mahloof had responded by saying that money was for foreign currency exchange purposes, however, the claim was refuted by the ACC investigation. 

Mahloof had later criticized the investigation and the proceedings against him by saying that he was being used as a sacrificial lamb in politics regarding the MMPRC scandal. 

He had previously been suspended in relation to the MMPRC scandal. He was reinstated as Youth Minister after the ACC cleared him of corruption back then.

Due to the requested charges, Mahloof is currently undergoing yet another suspension. He has previously said that he would resign the day he was charged.