Makunudhoo confirms 8 COVID-19 cases, placed under monitoring

HDh. Makunudhoo. (Photo/Mohamed Wasif)

HDh. Makunudhoo has confirmed eight new cases of COVID-19, promoting health authorities to place the island under monitoring.

Maukunudhoo Council president Auzam Adam told Sun this Monday that the results of eight out of 37 people tested from the island last Saturday have come back positive for COVID-19, and that the council has taken protective measures in response.

Auzam said that residents of the island have been advised to stay home unless to access essential services until contact tracing is complete.

He said that samples from some 100 people identified as contacts of the confirmed cases will be taken this Monday.

The council has advised all residents of the island, including fishermen and other professionals, to remain home for the time being.

The protective measures were taken by the council itself, said Auzam.

Makunudhoo is home to over 1,800 people.