National Drug Agency moved under Health Ministry

National Drug Agency.

The National Drug Agency (NDA) has been shifted to the Health Ministry today. 

President's Office Spokesperson Mabrouq Azeez today announced the move in a tweet. 

The NDA was run in coordination with the Ministry of Home Affairs as a governing board.

The board comprises ten individuals appointed by the President from various different institutions. This includes individuals from the Education Ministry, Home Ministry, Maldives Police Services and Customs as well as the Health Ministry and Gender Ministry. 

The agency is tasked with implementing and carrying out the government policies set out by the President with the advice of the National Drug Control Council, as well as the relevant laws and regulations surrounding drug control. 

A number of issues have been reported in relation to the agency which was formed nine years ago.

Complaints include delays in work, misconduct, and incompetence allegations in rehabilitation. This led to calls and even protests to reform the agency.