COVID-19: Measures on Veymandoo strengthened

Th. Veymandoo. (Photo/Arshad)

Measures imposed on the island of Th. Vemandoo due to the COVID-19 situation on the island has been strengthened. 

Veymandoo was placed under monitoring mechanisms after the detection of the COVID-19 case from the island on April 9. Apart from the initial case, a second case was also detected from the island soon after. 

The Island Council, in an emergency meeting, decided to strengthen the measures during contact tracing on the island.

The measures include ceasing all sports activities on the island’s football ground and preventing people from gathering in the football ground as well as halting the departure and arrival of people from the western harbor of the island. The Council also decided to stop people from gathering in public spaces such as benches and swings in the island and instructed the people to refrain from spending time outdoors unless on a necessary reason after 22:00.

Café, restaurants are also to introduce takeaway services and to stop dine-in services. The Council also said that masks are mandatory on everyone and that anyone outdoo0rs without a mask will be fined immediately. Fishing boats from the island are not to visit other islands, and fishermen are also not permitted to conduct fishing activities unless it is their source of income. 

The origins of the virus on the island still remain unknown and the island is frequented by visitors from other islands of the atoll since it is the administrative capital of the atoll. Currently, there are ten islands of the Maldives under monitoring mechanisms.