Veymandoo under monitoring mechanisms

Th. Veymandoo. (Photo/Arshad)

The island of Th. Veymandoo is under monitoring mechanisms after the detection of a COVID-19 case.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) stated that the island was placed under monitoring mechanisms after a patient from the island who required medical care tested positive for COVID-19.

HPA stated that the island would be kept under monitoring mechanisms until contact tracing is concluded. 

Veymandoo Council President Ahmed Fathuhee stated to Sun that the patient was transported to Male' City yesterday after becoming ill for a few days. The patient is identified as a young male. Fathuhee said that the patient was transported to Male' before recovering and tested positive for the virus after tests conducted in IGMH.

Fathuhee said that the Council had requested for a second sample to be collected after the first tested positive. 

"We requested for a review and the second sample tested positive," said Fathuhee, "The individual traveled to Male' City with his brother, the results of his brother have not yet been received, they are now at the COVID-19 facility in Hulhumale',"

Fathuhee also said that a second patient, this time an elderly woman from the island transported to Male' City also tested positive before adding that the source of the virus reaching Veymandoo was unknown. 

He said that since Veymandoo was the administrative capital of the atoll, a lot of people traveled to and from the island every day. 

Fathuhee said that the situation on the island was well for now and that contact tracing was now underway before advising the public to take preventive measures to stay safe from the virus. 

Th. Atoll Hospital Manager Midhuhath Nasir said that 51 people have been identified as contacts of the two patients from Veymandoo. He added that sample collection from the direct contacts was now underway.