Senior Citizens Association to Huraa this year

Senior Citizens Association meeting with the Huraa council.

Senior Citizens Association chose K. Huraa this year for its annual trip packed with social activities.  

The association's members traveled to Huraa on Saturday.

Speaking to Sun, Senior Citizens Association's President Ahmed Ali Manik said the association has already visited many islands in Kaafu Atoll as part of their annual trip, which is organized for the purpose of meeting with senior citizens in the islands. 

“To meet the senior citizens based in atolls and spend a joyful time with them, in addition to clarifying their issues and things like that,” he said.

Senior Citizens Association's meeting with the Huraa council. (Sun Photo)

During these trips, members of the association meet with the local council and senior citizens of the islands. They met with the council of Huraa and senior citizens of Huraa in this trajectory. 

At the same time, they interviewed people and conducted information sessions, and sports activity sessions. 

The elders who participated in the association's activities described their engagement as very happy and pleasant, during which their mental health improved and they received important information. 

"This is very good. We just always ask organizations like this to come and listen to us and help us with what we want. This is a very happy moment,” said an elder from Huraa.

Senior citizens participating in an activity held by Senior Citizens Association.

The Maldives Scouts and Guides Fellowship also participated in the trip. Both associations provide assistance to Senior Citizens Association in various ways.

Senior Citizens Association was established to protect the rights of senior citizens, with an aim to advocate for the rights.