COVID-19: More cases detected from Naifaru, total 31

Lh. Naifaru.

A total of 31 COVID-19 cases have been detected from the island of Lh. Naifaru, including 17 confirmed today. 

Lh. Atoll Hospital Manager Jaufaru Abdulla said that the positive cases detected on the island were all identified through contact tracing efforts. 

More than 1,022 samples have been collected from the island with the results still pending. 

"After we receive the results can we comprehend the situation on the island," said Jaufaru. 

Out of the samples collected, two individuals are high-risk individuals according to Jaufaru. One of the individuals, a 59-year old local woman is being treated at the COVID-19 facility in Eydhafushi, B. Atoll. 

The first positive case on Naifaru was detected on March 23. The positive case is an individual who traveled to the island of R. Ungoofaaru. A number of cases have been detected from the central region of the Maldives connected with the Ungoofaaru cluster.