Suspected drugs drift onto beaches of HA. Atoll islands

Drugs seized during an operation of Police being destroyed. (Photo/Police)

Suspected packets of drugs have been drifting onto the beaches of some islands of HA. Atoll. 

Police media officials have confirmed the news. Police officers are now at the scene, however, no further details were provided. 

Sources have stated that the packets drifted onto the beaches of Filladhoo and Vashafaru. 

Filladhoo Councilor Ibrahim Shaheem said that a sack of suspected drugs containing smaller packets of suspected drugs was discovered in the lagoon of the island around 11:30 today. 

The sack weighed 25 kgs and was discovered by a boat out fishing. The sack was handed over to the police. 

Shaheem described the smaller packets as similar to coffee packets and that some packets were discovered elsewhere after the sack was damaged.