Taraweeh prayers to be performed with social distancing

October 2, 2020: Worshippers at the Friday Mosque. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Islamic Ministry of the Maldives has stated that Taraweeh prayers of the upcoming month of Ramadan will be performed in mosques of the Maldives with social distancing. 

Due to COVID-19, congregational prayers, Taraweeh prayers and Friday prayers in the Maldives were not performed in mosques. 

Despite the third wave of the virus hitting the nation in 2021, the Islamic Ministry instructed that congregational prayers in the capital are to be performed with social distancing on March 1. This has caused some controversy among religious scholars in the nation. 

The Ministry said that social distancing was introduced because the ceasing of prayers in mosques would dishearten the citizens. The way to overcome the current situation was not by closing down mosques but by introducing social distancing to prayers, as per multiple renowned scholars and even the Fatwa Council. 

As the situation in the nation eased, congregational prayers would resume as normal, according to the Ministry.