MWSC begins outstanding work on Veymandoo sanitation project

MWSC commences outstanding work on Th. Veymandoo sanitation project on January 7, 2021. (Photo/MWSC)

Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has commenced the outstanding work on building a sanitation system in Th. Veymandhoo.

Veymandoo sanitation project was originally contracted to another company. The government later terminated the contract over the delay in completion of the project, and signed a new contract with MWSC to complete the outstanding work on October 26, 2020.

MWSC will be undertaking work on building the 319 meters left unfinished in the main sanitation network, installing a 98-meter pipeline, electromechanical work on the pump station, installing a sea outflow, valve chamber, outstanding work on the septic building, and civil and electromechanical work on the septic building.

MWSC will also maintain junctions at households, provide sanitation connections, and provide sanitation services to households.

The company will also provide the generator set and vehicles needed to run the sanitation system.

MWSC is contracted to complete the outstanding work within four months.