Man who poured bleach into ex-wife’s mouth charged with attempted murder

R. Alifushi. (File Photo/Alifushi Online)

The Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Saturday that it has filed multiple charges against a man arrested from R. Alifushi for assaulting his ex-wife and pouring a cleaning chemical into her mouth, including the charge of attempted murder.

Ali Ameen, 32, Kasthoorige, R. Alifushi is accused of threatening to kill his ex-wife, assaulting her, pouring a powerful chemical used for cleaning toilets into her mouth, causing bodily harm, and attempting to kill her.

He was arrested on July 1, shortly after the attack took place.

The Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Saturday that it has filed three charges against him with the Alifushi Magistrate Court.

Ameen has been charged with attempted murder under Section 110 (d) of the Penal Code, with reference to Section 80 (a) (i), and Section 80 (b)(i) and (ii). The Offense is a Class 1 felony and carries a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.

He has also been charged with assault under Section 120 (b) (1) (ii), with reference to Section 120 (a) (1) – which carries a minimum sentence of one year, seven months and six days in prison; and criminal trespass under Section 230 (c) (2), with reference to Section 230 (a) – which carries a minimum sentence of four months and 24 days in prison.

According to a local who spoke to Sun a day after the crime took place, the woman was attacked at approximately 09:15 pm, while at home performing her prayers.

The doors had been left unlocked, and Ameen entered the room wearing gloves and a covering over his face.

He is said to have used a sponge soaked in the cleaning chemical to suffocate the victim before pouring the liquid into her mouth.

She did not swallow the chemical and shouted for help.

Ameen had been caught red-handed by neighbors who rushed to intervene, but fled the scene and was later arrested by the police.

The victim was initially treated at the Alifushi health center for her injuries, before being transported to the Ungoofaaru regional hospital.

Ameen is said to have threatened to kill his victim on multiple occasions prior to the attack.