Trade Union takes stance backing Economic Minister Fayyaz

Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail.

Maldives Trade Union has taken a stance against the possible dismissal of Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail at a time when the economy of the Maldives was in shambles due to COVID-19.

The trade union's statement comes after yesterday, it was revealed that some MDP members including Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed were moving to gather signatures for a vote of no confidence against Minister Fayyaz, who is one the senior figures of the government. 

The trade union said that the dismissal of the Minister would lose investor confidence in the Maldives and damage the already frail economy, before stating that the country's economy was moving in the right direction right now. 

The Trade Union cautioned against action that could derail efforts by businesses and the government to overcome a situation that was affecting the world.

"The Trade Union would like to note the hard work of Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail in this aspect and to state that he has the full support this union." read the statement.

Minister Fayyaz Ismail is seen as one of the most influential members of the Cabinet, and the move by members of his own party MDP, to gather signatures against him was all the more surprising for him. Fayyaz, speaking with Sun had said that the news of the move caught him by surprise.

Parliament Speaker and former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed has been named by reliable sources as the first person to sign the no-confidence motion. And several MDP parliamentarians also alleged Nasheed was behind the no-confidence motion itself.

However, Minister Fayyaz said that he found it hard to believe that Nasheed could be behind such a move. While some 15 MDP parliamentarians have signed the no-confidence motion, some are also publicly declaring their support for Fayyaz. At least 13 MDP parliamentarians have also publicly declared their support for him.