Three-inch phone confiscated from Maafushi Prison

Three-inch small phone confiscated from Maafushi Prison on June 17, 2020. (Photo/Ahmed Mohamedfulhu, Commissioner of Prisons)

Maldives Correctional Service, on Wednesday, seized a three-inch small mobile phone smuggled into Maafushi Prison.

Writing about the case on Twitter on Wednesday night, Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamedfulhu noted that technological advancements have made mobile phones progressively smaller and smarter.

He said that Maldives Correctional Service continued to utilize its resources and adapt its approaches to control the smuggling of contraband into prisons.

“Today, officers at #MaafushiPrison confiscated 3inch small mobile,” he said.

The small mobile phone was found inside a box holding a tube of medical ointment.

Mohamedfulhu said there were are number of ways contrabands are smuggled into prisons.

But most of the time, contraband are smuggled through visitors, deliveries and thrown over the fence.

There are also incidences were contraband have been smuggled into prisons with the involvement of prison officers.

He said the Maldives Correctional Service has been successful in operations to control the smuggling of contrabands over the past few months.

Large quantities of contrabands were found by the Maafushi Prison’s fence which lays beyond the staff kitchen towards the north of the Maafushi jetty on February 20.

The contrabands confiscated in the operation include three smartphones, 24 old Nokia phones, data cables, headsets, and mobile phone chargers.

The contrabands were found packed inside small plastic bags.

And on February 24, prison officers found more contraband, also near the fence which lies beyond the staff kitchen.

The contrabands found on that day include nine smartphones, 11 old Nokia phones, 11 phone batteries, SIM cards, headsets, cables, and phone chargers.

The contrabands were found hidden inside Lacnor brand milk packets.