Schools, Gyms and Mosques in Male' City to be reopened in July

Photo shows a mosque in Male' City closed off to the public due to the outbreak of COVID-19. (Sun File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Schools colleges and universities as well as mosques and government offices in the capital Male’ City are to be reopened starting from July onwards, according to the guidance of the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Speaking in a presser tonight, Assistant Director of Health Ministry Aminath Shaina Abdulla said that the locations will be permitted to reopen under strict guidelines issued by the HPA.

“Schools, government offices, tourism industry activities, international airports as well as congregational prayers will be opened under the permit of the relevant Ministry and advice of the HPA.,” said Shaina.

From July onwards, groups of no more than ten individuals would be permitted in public.

“Arrangements to reopen close contact sports after discussions with the Sports Ministry under a specific guideline will be made. We are also working to establish arrangements to reopen gyms, restaurants, and cafés for usual business as well as salons and barbershops in July,” said Shaina.

She noted that the easements for July were mostly services and activities that involve close contact.

NEOC spokesperson Mabrouq Azeez speaking in the presser tonight, also warned that the easements would be up for change based on the situation. 

The capital city was placed under full lockdown and curfew on April 15 after a community case of COVID-19 was identified.