MDN contradicts version of facts by Ministry, vows to keep operating

Shahindha Ismail Executive Director of Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN).

Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) has stated that it will keep on operating despite the government’s decision to abolish the organization.

MDN stated that it was abolished against the rules in a statement issued today. The organization stated that the Ministry cited a lack of response by the organization in the case submitted against it as the grounds for its abolishment. MDN claimed that this was not true and that the organization responded to the Ministry with a letter on November 6, 2019.

The letter sent by MDN as a response criticized the decision to revoke the license of MDN as unconstitutional and called on the Ministry to inform of what the organization had done against the law. The letter also called on the revision of the Registrar’s decision to revoke the license of the organization.

MDN also sent another letter on November 10, due to a lack of response to the first letter. None of these letters got a response from the Ministry, according to the organization, which did not allow it to answer for the allegations made against it.

What the government was now fighting against in the form of anti-extremism was what was noted by the MDN in its 2016 report, read the statement by the organization.

“We will work to non-stop to reveal extremism, god willing. Since there are a lot of secrets not known to the public in the matter (of extremism) and since the organization believes that this information should be revealed to the public, we will be doing so in the future.” read the statement by MDN.