CHSE: Action was taken against teacher accused of sexual harassment in 2017

CHSE building. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Center for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) says the school’s administration took action against its Islam teacher, Hassan Zareer, in respond to complaints of sexual harassment filed by students back in 2017.

CHSE’s statement comes amid allegations of inaction by the school in response to sexual harassment complaints against the teacher spanning years.

The case gained public attention following multiple social media posts criticizing the school.

Education Ministry issued a statement over the allegation last Monday in which it said that the allegations against the teacher was being treated as a serious case. It also said that its preliminary investigation showed the allegations to be true.

“Our preliminary investigation shows the allegations by the students against Hassan Zareer to be accounts of real incidents. We find that a person in position of authority should not have committed these actions against the parties who he is in charge of watching over,” said the Education Ministry in its statement.

In response, CHSE issued a short statement through its official Twitter account this Tuesday in which it said that the case was reported to the school in 2017, and that it took immediate action in response.

 “The teacher in question was barred from teaching any classes the moment this case was lodged with us by the students in 2017,” says CHSE in its tweet.

The school also added that the Education Ministry had already investigated the case.

“MOE was informed of this, and this case was investigated and the statements of all students involved was taken and shared with MOE as per MOE’s instructions, and the MOE has already taken its decision regarding this case,” adds CHSE.

Education Ministry’s statement, which was attached to CHSE’s tweet, reads further that establishing a safe and secure environment for students at schools had always been one of the ministry’s top priorities.

It provided assurance that the ministry would investigative and take the strictest course of action against any school staff found to have subjected students to any form of harassment.

It said that it had never, and would never condone action which caused physical abuse, or violated the dignity of any student.

It said that the Education Ministry would persevere in its efforts to ensure schools were a safe place for students receive their education.