Distribution box fire leaves Veymandoo in darkness

Fire at a distribution box leaves most of Veymandoo in darkness. (Photo/Arushad)

Th. Veymandoo has been left in the dark after a distribution box that was connected with the main power cable to provide electricity to the island caught fire.

President of Veymandoo council Mohamed Naseeh stated that the fire happened in the evening of yesterday and that the council was now working on providing electricity to the island again. He also stated that the company in charge of establishing the sewerage system of the island had dug up a lot of areas of the island which resulted in  80 percent of the electric cables on the island being damaged. This resulted in frequent power outages on the island and residents of the island complaining about their electronic items getting damaged, according to Naseeh.

Naseeh also stated that the council had informed the government of the damage caused to the electric cables and that it had not received a solution from the government as of yet.

The council had informed residents that power will be cut from the whole island to fix the issue caused by the distribution box fire, and that power will return to the houses as soon as the issue was fixed.