Construction of Foakaidhoo water supply system begins

Minister of Environment, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan (3rd R) inaugurates construction of a water supply system in Sh. Foakaidhoo on June 22, 2019. (Photo/Ministry of Environment)

Construction of a water supply system has begun in Sh. Foakaidhoo.

Construction work on the project - which is fully funded via a grant by the Green Climate Fund - was initiated by Minister of Environment, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan, this Saturday morning.

Construction of the water supply system was contracted to Canadian Crystalline Water India Ltd for MVR 30.4 million.

The project involves the construction of a water collection tank, a water storage tank, installation of a RO plant unit, the construction of an administrative building with a laboratory, installation of an island-wide water pipe network, and installation of water meters at all residential, commercial, and office buildings.

Canadian Crystalline Water India Ltd is contracted to complete the project by end of November, 2019.

Green Climate Fund has released total USD 23,636,364 for the larger water supply project in Maldives.

The large scale project includes construction of water supply systems in Sh. Foakaidhoo, B. Dharavandhoo, H. Dh. Nolhivaram and R. Maduvvari, construction of rain water collection facilities at 25 more islands, and additional initiatives to develop and increase the efficiency of the water service sector.

Green Climate Fund has also pledged technical assistance to improve the quality of services by the regulator and water service providers, and provide training to carry out necessary legal reforms.