26 Councilors involved in MDP Primary suspended

Police presence at the MDP campaign hall in Male' City where the MDP primary is underway. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Samah)

Local Government Authority (LGA) has suspended 26 Councilors involved in the MDP Primary on 30 May 2018. 

Sun Media has learned that the LGA suspended 21 Island Councilors and five Atoll Councilors for three months without pay and benefits. 

A letter sent to the Councils by the LGA said that they have received proof that the suspended councilors were involved in the MDP Primary election after the Civil Court issued an order to stop the election. 

And so the documents and other evidences received by the LGA show that 26 Councilors were involved in the MDP Primary Election. 

The letter also said that the suspension has come after consulting the Attorney General and the regulation on disciplinary action against the councilors 

Suspension of the councilors ban them from handling Council resources and documents along with representing the Council in any capacity during the suspension. 

The suspended Councolors are: 

  1. President of the Haa Alifu Kelaa Council, Adam Gufran. 
  2. Haa Dhaalu Kurimbi Councilor, Mohamed Shaafee. 
  3. Shaviyani Bilehdhoo Councilor, Ahmed Nafiz. 
  4. President of the Noonu Magudhoo Council, Fathuhulla Naseer. 
  5. Vice President of the Noonu Magudhoo Council, Abdulla Haleem Ahmed. 
  6. Vice President of the Raa Hulhudhuffaaru Council, Ali Jawid. 
  7. Vice President of the Raa Maduvvari Council, Sobeeha Mohamed. 
  8. Baa Kendhoo Councilor,  Ibrahim Abdulrahman. 
  9. Vice President of the Baa Dhonfanu Council, Hassan Hafeez. 
  10. Vice President of the Lhiviyani Olhuvelifushi Council, Abdul-Aziz Mohamed. 
  11. Lhaviyani Naifaru Councilor, Widad Abdulla. 
  12. President of the Alifu Alifu Atoll, Mohamed Safeeq. 
  13. Alifu Alifu Atoll Councilor, Mohamed Naahid. 
  14. President of the Alifu Alifu Ukulhas Council, Saukath Ibrahim. 
  15. President of the Vaavu Rakeedhoo Council, Adam Saamee. 
  16. Vaavu Rakeedhoo Councilor, Adam Hussain. 
  17. President of the Vaavu Fulidhoo Council, Ali Waafir.
  18. President of the Faafu Atoll Council, Umar Zahir. 
  19. President of the Faafu Magudhoo Council, Abdulla Waheed. 
  20. President of the Dhaalu Meedho Council, Ilyas Ismail Latheef. 
  21. Vice President of the Dhaalu Meedhoo Council, Shuraif Ibrahim Rasheed. 
  22. President of the Gaafu Alifu Atoll Council, Ahmed Fuad. 
  23. Member of Gaafu Alifu Atoll Council, Thamheed Mohamed. 
  24. Vice President of the Gaafu Alifu Maamendhoo Council, Khadheeja Shiuna. 
  25. President of the Gaafu Alifu Hoadehdhoo Counci, Mohamed Ayyaaz. 
  26. Vice President of the Gaafu Alifu Council, Mohamed Ashraf.