Measles vaccination period extended

The vaccination period for the M-R-Vax under the nationwide program by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) to eradicate measles have been extended to 21 March.

The program was initially set to be held from 26-11 March.

Speaking at a press conference at the Health Ministry today regarding the project to add Maldives to the list of countries that have eradicated measles, the Chairman of the National Verification Committee, Dr. Abdul Aziz Yousuf said that even with 62 percent of the targeted population vaccinated, there are still those that have not been vaccinated. He said that the remaining group to be vaccinated are not able to come in and so an alternative is being planned.

HPA said that they would be working with schools and private companies to hold vaccination programs.

The remaining hurdle to become the first country in the region to eradicate measles is to complete the vaccine dose to 93-95 percent of the people. While it has been over three years since the last reported case of measles in the country, a system has been established to diagnose and report the disease.

A total of 11 vaccination centers have been established in the capital Malé City to administer the M-R-Vax. Aside from Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), vaccinations centers are established at Senahiyaa, Velaanage, MNU Business School-North Harbor, Roashanee Building, National Disaster Management Center, Olympus, Youth Center, Artificial Beach and Rasfannu.