Seven more tested positive for H1N1

Among the people tested for H1N1 yesterday, seven more have been tested positive for H1N1 influenza.

Statistics released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) show that seven people were tested positive out of 17 people that were tested yesterday.

So far 460 have been tested out of which 176 have been tested positive for the influenza.

Statistics show that the number of people consulting doctors regarding the flu have been going down in the past five days. And so 1909 people consulted doctors regarding the flu on Saturday while 1733 people consulted on Sunday. The number of people went down again on Monday with 1440 and 1338 on Tuesday with only 1234 people consulting doctors regarding a flu on Wednesday.

There are 23 people hospitalized in treatment for the H1N1 influenza and 13 have been released after treatment in the last 24 hours.