Police: No involvement of another party in recent back-to-back deaths

Police officers outside the Maafannu district residence where Ahmed Aiman's body was discovered on Monday, May 20th, 2024. (Sun Photo/ Naish Nahid)

Maldives Police Service, on Thursday, said they do not suspect the involvement of another party in the involvement of the back-to-back three deaths reported recently.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Chief Inspector Mohamed Samih discussed details of the following three deaths that were reported in May:

  • Ahmed Hammadh Saeed, 30, GDh. Hoadedhoo, who was discovered dead inside a Bandeyri Koshi apartment on May 13th
  • Ahmed Aiman, 30, Ma. Bolhakinkirimaage, K. Male’, who was discovered dead inside a home in Maafannu district on May 20th after he was reported missing
  • Nepali woman, 25, who was discovered drifting near Sinamale’ Bridge area on May 25th

Samih said no sign of injuries or physical violence were observed from the bodies of the three individuals.

Speaking regarding the Nepali woman, Sameeh said she was an individual who arrived in the Maldives on May 1st and was subsequently working at a guesthouse in Male’ City. According to Samih, the investigation into her death had uncovered CCTV footage showing the woman with her boyfriend, who is another foreigner, on the streets of Male’.

“We have managed to establish via CCTV footage that the deceased walked from the aforesaid area to the Sinamale’ bridge. She was last seen alive at approximately 11:27pm on that day,” he detailed.

According to Samih, the woman had been residing with her boyfriend at the time of her death.

“Our investigation so far has shown that the death was not a result of the involvement of another party,” he added.

Nevertheless, Samih said efforts were still being undertaken to complete the investigation.

Hammadh’s body was discovered inside a Bandeyri Koshi apartment during a search by the Police after a foul smell was reported from the premises.

Meanwhile, Aiman was reported missing by his family after failing to get in touch with him. A separate report of a dead body was reported shortly after Police appealed for public assistance to locate Aiman on May 20th. Later in the day, Police confirmed the dead body found had been that of Aiman’s.