President Muizzu meets Speaker Abdul Raheem; discuss expediting national progress

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu (L) meets Parliament Speaker Abdul Raheem Abdulla on June 3, 2024. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, on Monday, met with Parliament Speaker Abdul Raheem Abdulla for discussions regarding expediting national progress.

The meeting was held at the President’s Office.

Speaking at the meeting, the President and the Speaker discussed efforts to expedite national progress – predominantly focusing on efforts to achieve economic progress, address environmental changes, and enhance environmental protection.

At the meeting, Abdul Raheem also assured the President of the parliament’s full support towards the government’s vision for the progress of Maldivian citizens.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim and ruling PNC’s parliamentary group leader, Inguraidhoo MP Ibrahim Falah.

Abdul Raheem received 71 votes in the secret ballot held to elect the speaker of the newly sworn-in 19th parliamentary assembly. Main opposition MDP’s parliamentary group leader only received 14 votes.

Abdul Raheem who was elected speaker has served as a lawmaker in the 17th and 18th parliamentary assemblies. Currently, he also serves as the chairperson of ruling PNC and is one of the most influential figures within the party.

Prior to his election to the parliament, Abdul Raheem had been serving as special advisor to the President.

The 20th parliamentary consists of 93 lawmakers, of which 75 members belong to PNC, granting the ruling party supermajority. MDP, which held the majority in the 19th parliamentary assembly, only secured 12 seats; the lowest ever in the party’s history.

Abdul Raheem has expressed belief that there will be the opportunity for differing opinions and views within the parliament despite PNC holding the supermajority.