BML announces winner getting the chance to watch Champions League finals

The lucky winners of the Mastercard Promotion; Muhdin and his younger brother -- Photo/ BML

Bank of Maldives (BML) on Wednesday announced the lucky winner of the special Mastercard promotion.

Mohamed Muhdin won the grand prize of the promotion, getting the opportunity to attend to watch the final game of the Champions League.

Besides this, Muhdin's younger sibling, Ibrahim Zain Ziyad received the opportunity as a player mascot of the final match as well.

As lucky winners, Muhdin and his brother will receive an all-expense paid four-day trip to London, accommodation, pockey money and welcome gift as well.

Mastercard is the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League.

BML is a principal member of Mastercard, with its Mastercard Debit, Credit and Prepaid card services provided to the bank's customers.