BML welcomed 23,000 new customers in 2023

BML Director of Customer Service Gulnaz Mahir: she highlighted the achievements of the bank in terms of customer service in 2023, noting the bank saw 23,000 new customers opening bank accounts last year -- Photo/ BML

Bank of Maldives (BML) observed its most successful year in 2023, with a record high MVR 2.07 billion profit-after-tax in annual terms.

The bank welcomed 23,000 new customers last year, expanding the total number of accounts over 66,000 - which BML said was a testament to the customers' trust in the bank.

"Providing a comprehensive and secure service to our customers is among the top priorities of the bank," said Director of Customer Services, BML Gulnaz Mahir.

"Our aim is to extend satisfactory services to our customer base, which they accept gratuitously, and under this mission, our annual customer complaints declined by 20%."

The bank introduced the Digital Banking Assisant, Aaya in May 2023 to enhance an easy customer experience, which is the default chat assistance on BML's website, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp providing 24/7 support.

Gulnaz added Aaya was designed to address customer concerns and respond in English of Dhivehi based on customer preferences, which alleviated grievances and further complaints by them.

Out of the 47,000 chat strings in 2023, 53% were responded by Aaya, indicating the decline in contacting BML directly to seek assistance which further enhanced digital communication channels of the bank.

Gulnaz further said that the bank achieved 24% growth in resolving customer complaints last year, which is indication of BML's commitment to enhancing customer experiences with the bank.

She noted the positive growth is result of the hard work and initiative by the bank, and the dedication of its staff - all of which Gulnaz said improved owing to the implementation of the new case management system and staff training.

Bank of Maldives (BML) boasts of the largest banking network in the country with a full-suite of digital banking solutions.