Maldivian suspect who claims not to speak Dhivehi gets a translator

Criminal Court. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

A translator has been appointed for a Maldivian man arrested in an intimidation case, who claimed he does not speak Dhivehi, the native Maldivian language.

Hassan Ajuan, 39, M. Fenvina, K. Male’, was arrested in a case involving intimidation and destruction of property.

He was initially presented before the Criminal Court on May 13. But at the court, Ajuan claimed he does not speak Dhivehi.

The judge gave time to have a translator appointed for him.

A police spokesperson told Sun on Sunday that a translator has now been appointed for him.

When presented before the court again, with a translator, the judge remanded him in custody of the police for 30 days.

Court documents show he has a record for prior arrests and detainment.