HDC provides venue for Hulhumale' Phase 2 huts

The commercial-use huts developed by various private parties in front of the Hiyaa housing towers in Hulhumale' Phase 2 -- Sun Photo: Infinite Moments/Mohamed Maavee

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has demanded to shift the huts constructed on Hulhumale' Phase 2 beach to the adjoining vacant plot.

HDC said the public have been informed to shift the huts developed by private parties on the 'Ruhgandu-3' beach area of Phase 2 according to the corporation's instructions by May 31st.

The corporation demanded to shift the huts to develop the beach, as part of the town's development plan.

The huts were constructed by various private parties for different commercial use. However, the area falls within HDC's planned developmental area that currently lacks resources and facilities, causing difficulties to the public.

HDC is working to urbanize the area by introducing essential facilities for public use.

The corporation further added that once it completes developing the area according to plans, designated venues will be offered for interested parties to operate commercial establishments.