Saleem: Development valued at MVR 700M to the constituency in five years

Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Saleem (Salle). (Photo/People's Majlis)

Ahmed Saleem, the parliamentary representative for Hoarafushi constituency in the 19th parliamentary assembly, states development valued at MVR 700 million was brought to the constituency in the past five years.

Addressing the lawmakers at the last sitting of the 19th parliamentary assembly held on Monday, Saleem expressed joy over the fact that he had the opportunity to serve as a parliamentary representative for Hoarafushi constituency in the past five years and also the deputy speaker late into the electoral term of the assembly.

Notably, Saleem also served as chairperson of the Climate and Environment Committee incepted for the first time during the 19th parliamentary assembly. He said significant work had been undertaken by the committee during the past five years.

Saleem cited parliamentary group works as the work he had allocated the highest priority among parliamentary works, adding that difficult decisions had to be taken while discharging these duties.

Saleem said he had undertaken all responsibilities bestowed upon him as a lawmaker with utmost honesty and sincerity – to his best capacity.

“For sure, I worked while paying attention to attendance. I have not taken leave in the five years for any personal reasons. If I was not at the parliament, I was still involved in some work related to the constituency. I visited the constituency 46 times in the five years to undertake work related to the constituency,” he detailed.

Saleem further said he had undertaken various efforts to bring important bills and resolutions to the parliament floor and undertake the necessary works in relation to them.

“As per my estimate, the government, in the past five years, has made investments valued at MVR 700 million for the development of the three islands in this constituency,” he added.

Saeed, describing them as development to an extent that have never been witnessed by the constituency prior to this, extended gratitude to former president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who served as the Maldivian leader for most of the 19th parliamentary assembly.

Hoarafushi constituency saw major development projects in the past five years. One such project highlighted by Saleem in this regard was the Hoarafushi Airport, which brought an end to difficulties faced by constituents in traveling.

Additionally, many worn-out buildings in three islands in the constituency – Hoarafushi, Uligan, and Thuraakunu – were renovated and sports facilities and outdoor gyms were developed.

Saleem had also put forth a resolution to develop a transshipment harbor in Ihavandhippolhu which has been greenlighted by the parliament.