MWSC contracted to upgrade Addu City’s water view

Addu City. (Photo/PSM)

Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) was contracted to upgrade the water view of Addu City’s Hithadhoo and other linked islands to resolve the difficulties faced in the provision of water services across the city.

Fenaka said MWSC was contracted to resolve the difficulties in the provision of water services across Addu City within a one-year period, adding all prevailing issues in the provision of water services will be resolved at the conclusion of this project.

They further noted that efforts are underway to ensure there are no service interruptions while the work is ongoing.

Underscoring an increase in the usage of water in Addu City has been observed day-by-day, Fenaka said the usage of the water exceeds the capacity the plants established at the city have to produce water.

Fenaka strongly criticized the former administration’s failure to renovate the water plants or upgrade the water view in the past five years despite these conditions. 

Water shortage in Addu City has posed its residents with various difficulties. It remains one of the most prevalent concerns of the residents, triggering continuous complaints.