Water shortage in Addu City for nearly 20 days

Addu City.

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar said on Saturday the city has been experiencing water shortages for the past 18 days.

Speaking with 'Sun', Nizar said the southern-most city's public have been expressing concern due to this shortage.

While residences have not been receiving water for the past days, it has been provided at low pressure whenever available.

"They [Fenaka] informed, they were working to resolve the matter, but water is still scarce, and whenever water is available, the pressure is extremely low, the public have been repeatedly complaining about it as well," Nizar commented.

The City's Mayor viewed this delay as a visible handicap from the relevant authorities, and requested Fenaka management to provide respite to the plight of Addu City locals at the earliest convenience.

Previously, the city's mayor had expressed concerns owing to challenges faced in the provision of utility services in Addu.