HDC fogs Hulhumale' to counter diseases

HDC begins to fog the streets and other areas of Hulhumale' owing to recent rise of vector-borne diseases such as chikungunya -- Photo/ HDC

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has begun efforts to counter vector-borne diseases.

The corporation on Thursday, confirmed it has started to fog the streets and other areas of Hulhumale' in efforts to combat the spread of various contagious and other vector-borne diseases.

HDC's initiative comes hot in the heels of Health Protection Agency (HPA)'s Wednesday confirmation of chikungunya cases reaching 134 nationwide.

Chikungunya, a vector-borne disease, is contracted through mosquito bites; especially from aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, HPA said a total of 129 cases were reported in April alone, while in March only five were reported.

The agency had cautioned the public to clean and get rid of any areas or material that could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, at least once a week.

Besides this, HPA also advised the use of effective mosquito repellents and anti-mosquito lotions.

The agency further highlighted that mosquito activities usually peak during dawn and dusk hours, but aedes mosquitos are active during the day time hours as well.

With the cases still on the rise, HPA on Wednesday said that chikungunya is still not under control.

Besides HDC, Male' City Council has also cautioned the public to take preventive measures against mosquitoes. The council has also begun efforts to fog Male' City streets as well.