Two dangerous accidents at Fuvahmulah; one victim in ICU

Fuvahmulah City.

Maldives Police Service, on Monday, reported that two dangerous accidents took place in Fuvahmulah City last night, adding that a victim in one of the accidents is currently being treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

According to the Police, the first accident involved a collision between two motorbikes which resulted in injuries to three people. One of the victims is being treated at ICU after their condition deteriorated, the Police detailed.

The second accident, as per the Police, occurred near Fuvahmulah Airport as the driver of a motorbike attempted to dodge past a broken piece of a decorative arch on the road. The motorbike skidded during the attempt and the driver sustained injuries to their head.

It was noted by the Police that the road had been extremely dark at the time of the accident and in this trajectory dark enough to obscure vision.