Siyam: Will launch buggy service, establish resources for senior citizens in Meedhoo

MDA’s leader, Meedhoo MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed speaks at a campaign rally in Dh. Meedhoo on April 18, 2024. (Sun Photo/Aman Latheef)

MDA’s President, Meedhoo MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, who is contesting for re-election in the upcoming parliamentary election, has pledged to launch electric buggy service in Dh. Meedhoo within the upcoming months and establish special resources for senior citizens.

Siyam traveled to Meedhoo on Friday as part of his campaign tour of the constituency.

Speaking to the residents of the island, Siyam noted that many senior citizens residing on the island were struggling with mobility due to various health complications.

Henceforth, he pledged to launch a buggy service for them specifically.

“I want to launch electric buggy service on the island in collaboration with the council to pave the way for senior citizens to be able to go out of their house and socialize in one place,” he said.

Siyam also pledged to construct a building for senior citizens and women which will be equipped with resources for entertainment.

He cited the purpose of this initiative as to promote compassion among the island’s residents, adding he does not wish for any of the residents to be left behind, uncared for.

Siyam affirmed that efforts in this trajectory will be commenced in the upcoming two to three days.

He also pledged to aid in the development of the island in accordance with the land use plan and said he would appeal to the government to expedite the development of resources that are in need.