Keneree Magu closed off following fire

MNDF's Fire and Rescue active on the site of the fire incident on Wednesday evening -- Sun Photo/ Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla

Following the large fire breaking out of M. Rabeeu Villa on Wednesday evening, Keneree Magu, the building's home street, has been sealed off from public entry.

Maldives Police Service confirmed to 'Sun' the road was closed to inspect the damage to the building following the fire, for which its officers were currently active on the site.

Due to the ongoing inspection, authorities closed the road from public transportation, only allowing the people living in the buildings on Keneree Magu to use it.

"We residents living in the street to adhere to instructions of the officers active on the site," Police requested.

MNDF earlier confirmed the building's fourth floor was the point of origin for the fire, and was reported of the incident around 20:19hrs on Wednesday evening.

Immediately after the report, MNDF dispatched its Fire and Rescue team to control the fire, and within 30 minutes of the report, the authority confirmed they controlled the fire around 21:12hrs.

MNDF further confirmed there were no injuries from the fire, while 'Sun' has learned the building has remained vacant for some time.