ICOM registers 58% bump in info withholding cases in Q1-2024

Launching ceremony of 'Mahoali' online portal by Information Commissioner's Office. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

According to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICOM), cases of government institutions withholding public domain information has gone up by 58% in Q1-2024 compared to the same quarter last year.

While sharing statistics for 2024 first quarter, the Information Commissioner Ahmed Ahid said the agency received 139 cases during the first three months.

Ahid also said that 90% of the total cases ICOM received were related to government institutions withholding information.

He further confirmed 581 requests were made through the 'Mahoali' portal during the first three months of this year, out of which only 48% were accepted by their respective government bodies.

The Information Commissioner also highlighted 12% of these cases were submitted for appeal as well, and noted the figure was likely to increase in the future.

Ahid highlighted the shortcomings of government bodies in disclosing public domina information.

On the other hand, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, at the beginning of his presidency, had assured the current government will run transparently, and affirmed cooperation to the media as well.