Pro-Yameen politician lands new post at Malaysia Embassy

Abbas Adil Riza--

Abbas Adil Riza, a pro-Yameen politician and vocal critic of the current Dr. Mohamed Muizzu-led administration, has been appointed for a post at the Maldives Embassy in Malaysia.

'Sun' has learned Riza is now preparing to leave for Malaysia, and attended an orientation briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, before he joins the embassy.

Riza is among the top officials to align behind former President Abdulla Yameen after his fallout with President Muizzu. Riza was also at the forefront of all the anti-government press briefings and political activities led by Yameen's supporters.

He also criticized the current government on multiple occasions as well.

The politician however, was not involved in any activities that led to the formation of People's National Front (PNF), the new party by Yameen.

The outspoken politician has recently come under scrutiny when he called to ablaze the Indian High Commission in the Maldives. He faced charges of intimidation with the intent of property damage and inciting rebellion.

While Riza was previously arrested over his criminal charges, he was released afterwards. 

Post his release, Riza refused to attend to any subsequent court hearings leading to Maldives Police Service issuing a manhunt on him.

It is unclear if the court hearings for his trial proceeded later or not.